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Gyms are a high-risk location for coronavirus to spread, doctor warns – saying ‘big blokes pumping away’ could be ‘super spreaders’

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Fitness fanatics have been urged to be extra vigilant when exercising as gyms have been identified as ‘high risk’ locations for coronavirus to spread.

Dr Norman Swan, who is a medically qualified journalist, says gyms are the perfect place for the virus to spread because they are full of sweat.

Dampness is a bad thing for spreading germs. You’ve got these big blokes pumping away and you never know, one of them might be a super spreader,’ he told the ABC.

‘It doesn’t mean you stop going to the gym, you’ve got to be super careful at the gym. You’ve got to make sure you wipe down (the equipment) before and after use.’


Wipe down surfaces

Wash your water bottle regularly

Use a towel to cover the equipment

Keep your hands to yourself

He urged people to avoid steam rooms because the room would not be hot enough to kill the germs.

‘I wouldn’t go near any humid area to be honest.’

Those who have symptoms, including coughing or sneezing, should avoid heading to the gym until they are well.

However, Dr David Thomas, a professor of medicine and director of the Division of Infection Diseases at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, told the New York Times, church-goers were more at risk than gym junkies.

Gym owners have been working to reduce skin-to-skin contact between clients and staff. They were also vigilant in disinfecting equipment, he said.

Australia cases

Whereas at churches, people are in close proximity and often shake hands.

Dr Norman Swan says gyms are the perfect place for the virus to spread because they are full of sweat

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